The Foods You Store


The Ultimate Food Storage System

Prolongs flavor and freshness of foods and beverages 3-5 times longer than average storage methods

Prevents freezer burn

Fruits and vegetables stay crisp and fresh

Breads don’t get moldy

Cheeses stay moist and delicious

Keeps your cookies and crackers crisp

Preserves the freshness of coffee and tea

Prevents rancidity of dried fruits and nuts

Simple to use

Saves money by: 

       – Allowing bulk purchasing

       – Eliminates need for plastic bags (environmentally friendly)

       – Prevents unnecessary spoilage

Marinate In Minutes!

Ultra-Vac’s unique vacuum sealing process actually causes marinades to be absorbed in minutes. The vacuum process opens the tiny pores in meats, poultry, fish and vegetables to allow the marinade to penetrate easier.

Now you can prepare your meals without hours of advance preparation.

The healthy way to store your food naturally !

The most effective and versatile vacuum sealing and marinating system for all types of foods.

Why Vacuum?

Oxygen, the vital component of air, is indispensable for all forms of life. However, it causes food containing fat to go rancid, facilitates fermentation and causes unpleasant odors and flavors.

Made from the highest quality food-grade polycarbonate plastic

•  Sanitary nonporous material

See through design

Microwave safe

Freezer safe

Dishwasher safe

Durable, tough and lasts forever

Great for: Boats, camping, motor homes, picnics, lunches …while traveling

The Ultra Vac™ Large Dome With Trayis the perfect item for preserving the flavor and freshness of your cakes, pastries and appetizers.
The Ultra Vac™ Pump extracts the air from inside the unit creating a vacu-um-tight seal to preserve your foods.

How long can food be kept?

Date Adjuster & Vacuum Seal Indicator

Set date when food is stored.
When vacuum is sealed, the orange indicator drops down.
When vacuum seal is released, the orange indicator pops up.

Ultra-Vac Bottle Stoppers

Protect the freshness of your fine wines and expensive cooking oils for days after opening.

Universal Lids

Enjoy the convenience of this innovative lid system and vacuum seal your food in it’s origi-nal cooking utensil, or any other container of equivalent diameter.
Turn most round containers of appropriate diameterinto an instant vacuum-tight container.

Ultra Vac Universal Lids allow you to remove the air from your pan so

food remains fresh 3-5 times longer.