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This all-in-one electric digital cooker functions as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer and can also brown!
The electric Ultra Cooker has been developed with the most advanced technology to ensure the highest standard of safety and for optimum performance.

You will be able to cook your food preserving vitamins, minerals and flavors, creating healthier and better-tasting meals while being extremely energy efficient.

  1. Primavera En


    The food is good, when the thing works. The point of an Instant Pot, however, is that it makes cooking life easier. This does not. I’ve tried to use it on eight occasions. One I gave up and put the chicken in the oven. The other seven took an average of over two hours just to coax the Ultra Cooker into, you know, actually cooking something. Granted, today (my 8th attempt) I had the silicon seal in upside down. So I fixed that, but it still won’t build up enough pressure to begin counting down the cooking time. This thing is much more a pain in my a** than my crock pot ever was.

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