Nutri Tech Deluxe With Ozone

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Deluxe 10 Stages
• Purifies 800 square feet 2 times per hour
• Costs only pennies a day to operate
• Safety designed; turns off when cover removed
• High/Low ozone output switch
• Energy efficient 3-speed controls with 15 min. on/off, 2 hr. and 24 hr. settings
Conveniently operated by remote control or set automatically with a programmable timer
Height: 22″ Width: 14 ½” Depth: 10 ½”; available in 110V & 220V
Item# AIRMDELU – (Black)
Item# AIRMDELV – (Dove Grey)
Item# AIRMFLTR – Nutri-Tech Standard 9 stages (Available in black only in 110V)
Item# AIRMCART – Replacement Cartridge Both Models (not shown)

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