Crystal China

Carico’s classically styled and intricately cut

Fine China and Crystal adds flavor to your dining experience. A sparkling addition to your home (and also a wonderful gift)
Classic and Timeless

Elegantly designed and artistically coordinated

Exclusive and Unique

Superior Materials masterfully crafted

Superior Craftsmanship

Carico crystal is mouth blown, hand cut and hand polished by the best craftsman in the world.

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Carico’s Crystal is handcrafted. There is no finer crystal available for your table than Carico. Carico’s crystal is a clear, brilliant glass-thus the statement “Clear as Crystal”. Our Crystal has a clear bell-like tone when struck. You can blow on Carico Crystal and it will “sing”. Because fine crystal is annealed, it is resistant to temperature changes, chipping and cracking.

Hand made, mouth blown and handled over 30 different times by master craftsmen. Hand cuts are executed by artisans at their cutting wheels. After cutting, the crystal is given a bath in acid. This “polishes” the cut leaving it crystal clear.

carico vase rose bowl1 559x580 1

Vase & Rose Bowl

bowl candlesticks

Bowl & Candlesticks

carico round decantor square decantor 55

Round Decanter & Square Decanter

carico on the rocks highball cordial sho

On the rocks, HighBall, Cordial Shot

Brandy Snifter Champagne and Flute

Brandy Snifter & Champagne Flute

Wine Glass Goblet

Wine Glass & Goblet

Carico’s Fine China

Finest of dining ensembles in the world, made by the most skilled artisans whose works grace the tables of the heads of state and celebrities around the globe. When you own Carico, you share in a worldwide tradition of graciousness forever.

The warm ivory bodies of Carico’s porcelain emphasize the color and hues of our patterns creating a china unrivaled in beauty. It is a treasured possession that reflects one’s appreciation of the finer things in life. The beauty of the Carico’s Designer Collection will lend elegance to any occasion.

Carico’s fine china represents the best in porcelain china. Considering the 100 plus operations that each piece incurs and the skilled craftsmen involved, each piece is like a work of art.

Reflections Collection
carico mystique 559x580 1
Mystique Collection
tivoli collection
Tivoli Collection
Cali Collection
Reflections Collection
maui collection
Maui Collection
carico renaissance 559x580 1
Renaissance Collection
St tropez china
St. Tropez Collection
tivoli collection
Tivoli Collection

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