Carico Cutlery

Make cooking fun with professional cutlery! It really does make a difference!

More About Carico Cutlery

Carico’s Professional Collection state of the art cutlery are the only knives you will ever need.

Forged Not Stamped

Each blade is precision forged from a single block of high-carbon, surgical steel alloy known for its excellent edge strength, hardness and corrosion-resistance, resulting in a durable and perfectly balanced blade.

Elevate Your Skills

Our blade edges are extraordinarily sharp and long-lasting, for clean, effortless slicing and chopping


Beautifully Finished

Each piece is polished to produce the sharpest edge possible and the ergonomic POM handles resist fading and discoloration.

9 Piece Classic Chef Set

3 Carving Set

4 Piece Gourmet Set

29 Piece Complete Professional Collection

Steak Knife Set With Block

6 Piece Kitchen Tool Set

8 Piece Steak Knife Block

11 Piece Knife Block

10″X15″ Cutting Board

7″ Santoku Knife

6 Piece Steak Knife Block

All Purpose Shears

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