Your Water Should Be Healthy, Not Just Healthy Enough

Years ago doctors and scientists told us that we need to drink eight glasses of water a day. That was a tall task but many of us tried to stick to it. Then, with the addition of new beverage options that claim to be healthy and even nutritious, we went from drinking water to drinking sports drinks and diet soda. We thought that we were outsmarting the medical advice, but it turns out we weren’t. We were told again to drink more water so we compromised and did a couple of glasses while at work. It even became an excuse to get up from our desks and talk to some coworkers about what was on television the night before.

Then, those same doctors and scientists told us that the reason we need to drink more water is because our body isn’t absorbing enough of it? How is that possible? This gave way to the alkaline movement that allows your body to absorb more of the water without having to drink more. That seems like a decent tradeoff until another breakthrough that created headaches for most of us trying to stay hydrated and healthy. Apparently, the water from your tap and even the water that’s in bottles you can buy isn’t as healthy and safe as we were told.

What are we supposed to do? We have to drink water but now we run the risk of not drinking enough or drinking too much water that’s contaminated with something? Imagine that, if you didn’t drink enough water, you were depriving your body of the hydration it needed. However, if you drank too much water you were introducing a high level of contaminants to your body. This confusion and frustration led to people just picking one side and going from there. Thankfully, as technology developed to tell us what’s wrong with our water, technology was also developed that can purify it and ensure that we are drinking healthy, clean water. We have aluminum bottles now to cut down on our use of plastic, which is great, but what about the actual water we’re putting into our bodies? This is where new filtration systems can help you lower your costs and the contaminants that come with our taps. These systems focus on not only purifying our water but ensuring that we can drink as much of it as we want and that it’s healthy for us. As we cut down our dependency on plastic and other waste, isn’t nice that we can do the same thing with things we are putting into our bodies?

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